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Our Story

Gralan Fabrics distributes beautiful furnishing fabrics to the decorating and furniture trades.
Since our inception in 1973, we have provided decorators, designers, upholsterers, furniture manufacturers and cushion makers with stylish, trendy and affordable fabrics.


Upholstery Curtain Sofa Decor Fabric

Residential Fabrics & Leathers

  • Stunning Prints (Single & Double Width)

  • Linen & Linen-lookalikes (Single & Double Width)

  • Sheers (Double Width)

  • Sumptuous Velvets

  • Faux Leathers

  • Metallic PVCs


Contract Fabrics & Leathers

Technical fabrics for Offices, Hotels, Hospitals, Bars,
Night Clubs, Retaurants etc. 

  • High-Durability Fabrics & Faux-Leathers

  • Flame Retardant fabrics

  • Stain-repellant fabrics


Upholstery Curtain Sofa Decor Fabric
Upholstery Curtain Sofa Decor Fabric

Outdoor Fabrics

  • Sun-resistant

  • Stain-repellent

  • Microbe-resistant

  • Mildew-resistant


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